iOS 5 Beta Reportedly Sets One Developer’s iPhone Cable Ablaze

Oh, the many woes of being an early adopter in the Beta software world. The software might crash, causing you to lose all your work! It may have gaping security issues, leaving an entry way for malicious misdoers! It may start your stuff on fire! Wait, what?

According to developer Gus Pinto (who sum ups his life in under 140 characters as “Pioneering Mac Desktop Virtualization. iOS, Mac & Android Development”), that last bit is exactly what happened to his iPhone 4 running a Developer Beta build of iOS 5.

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10 Ways to Increase Battery life in iOS 5

Computing Unleashed-"If you find that your recently updated ios 5 device drains off its battery too fast, then here are some ways that help you to increase the battery life of your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch running the new iOS 5."

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GO SMS For iPhone Updated With iOS 5 Support & New Features

Addictivetips-"A couple of months after its iOS 4-exclusive beta release, GO SMS for iPhone is now available for all jailbroken iDevices running iOS 5. If you have already updated to iOS 6, you are still out of luck, but we know that a lot of users have chosen to refrain from updating due to the lack of an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak with support for sufficient Cydia tweaks and apps."

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Top 5 Reasons To Get The New Apple iPad Over The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Mobile & Apps: "Samsung is gearing up to launch its Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet to do battle with the new iPad from Apple, but is the Galaxy Note 10.1 worth the trouble? I don't think so. If you can't wait until Windows 8 comes around to get yourself a tablet that can do everything you want, then you are better off getting a new iPad."

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LOL_WUT4120d ago

Very good list, but I would've put 'better hardware' at the top of the list. Go ahead disagree all you want.

evil_element4119d ago

U can hear the millions of keyboard keys chattering as millions of folk write comments to slate this article. :)

I wouldn't have put hardware near the top :)

ABizzel14119d ago

I just bought the Galaxy Note for my brother. It's a solid tablet, and does everything you need a tablet to do for a better price than the iPad, but most of the reasons listed are valid points.

But how do you validate either compared to the Nexus 7. If you don't mind a 7" screen and no micro SD support then the Nexus 7 is hands down the best tablet at least for the rest of this year.

eferreira4119d ago

Cant wait to get an ipad in the fall

raytraceme4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

After using windows 8 I would like to say you are better off with surface or a better tablet. Win 8 is PERFECT for touchscreens and its ui is soooo clean. I am really starting to like metro :D

SilentNegotiator4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

"Win 8 is PERFECT for touchscreens and its ui is soooo clean"

They have two main screens and adding widgets/gadgets (or whatever they're called) takes about 3 more steps than on Android. Win 8's UI is horridly unintuitive.

Both iPad and Android have much better interfaces than Win8.

mcstorm4119d ago

@SilentNegotiator I have to disagree with you. I have an Ipad 2, Moto Xoom and a Windows 8 on my ultra book and by far Window 8 is the best OS out of the 3 because it is 1 os that will do everything a Android and Ipad will do as well as everything a Mac and Windows XP/7 pc will do form Office, Printing, Full web access to full gaming.

If I had to pick between a android tablet and Ipad I would have to pick the Xoom out of them all because now it has Jelly bean it is by far the best Android tablet on the Market but I agree with raytraceme if you want a tablet wait until the Surface comes out as it is a table everyone needs as it is not limited like Android and Ipads are as with a Surface you don't need a pc as well where you do with Android and Ipad.

SilentNegotiator4118d ago

"Surface comes out as it is a table everyone needs as it is not limited like Android and Ipads are as with a Surface you don't need a pc as well where you do with Android and Ipad"

Most people DON'T need a PC. An ipad or Android tablet allows you to email, use facebook, and surf the web. TA-DA! Everything the average computer user needs.

Sucitta4119d ago

apple is a rip off.

this article had to be written by an applebot

NovusTerminus4119d ago

I refuse to buy anything Apple. This Patent War they have going on is insane. I will likely get Samsung, just to go against Apple.

hadouken0074119d ago

Apples gonna sue u for liking Samsung products.

Speed-Racer4119d ago

Apple is the new BlackBerry. No innovation.