Tons Of YouTube Users Putting Up Videos In Protest To S.978

Techdirt - "We've been talking a lot about Senate bill S.978, from Senators Amy Klobuchar, John Cornyn and Christopher Coons, which would adjust the criminal copyright statutes to make some forms of linking/embedding/streaming a felony for which people could face 5 years in jail. As we've noted from the beginning, the really scary part is the ignorance of people supporting this bill, in ignoring how it could make tons of people liable."

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toaster2750d ago

Good! If this passes it would cripple YouTube. It's great that the community is taking action against this because they are the ones that this would effect most. Don't leave it to the politicians or they'll just mess things up more!

halocursed2750d ago

If this bill passes, it would become really easy for some game companies to fool consumers by simply paying reviewers to write favorable and you wouldn't have anything but the review as the basis of your purchase. This is what I fear the most!

fatstarr2749d ago

If this passes the internet as we know it will be crippled.
it effects everything that we have known to love.

its a broad law with lots of hidden loopholes in it so that it can effect almost any industry.

thebudgetgamer2750d ago

that would suck for people like classic game room.

andron2749d ago

All hail the mighty dollar!! And lobbyists...

This would only benefit large corporations and effectively cripple free speech.