Hackers Are Everywhere. Panic

PCMag - "I think the number of recent hacks and the amount of news coverage on these attacks is suspicious. Could they be false flag events to help the government regulate the Internet?"

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smurfz2751d ago

If the government tries to regulate the internet hackers will just take it over eventually and keep the internet open like it's always been. I don't know why the government feels they need to stick their noses into everything.

fatstarr2750d ago

your comment reminded me of the show onepiece.

haha we are in the great hacking era the ports are all open and the seas are clear.

the government does everything for profit/their long term plans with other companys in the future if something puts a damper on their future plans they will do something about it

hahah soon ppl will have bounties on their heads.

michass82750d ago

Hackers seems to be more active lately... today everyone can be a hacker. there is so many programs and tools, even step by step how to ...

fatstarr2750d ago


to me hacking is getting into the financial district and crashing the market just making 0's and -'s and red appear all across every board, thats hacking.

most hipsters today think cracking someones fb profile is epic.

michass82749d ago

totally agree, there are some talented people out there, but most of them are as you said - the fb crackers:)