Facebook Announces Group Chat And Video Calling

Cody from FroogleGeek wrote:

"This morning Facebook announced their new product on Facebook Live. Mark started talking 15 minutes later than scheduled. He started out by saying they’ve been working hard on products for 6 months and the start of “launching season” has begun."

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fatstarr2662d ago

lol it was bland, next logical steps will be to add group calling.

i was watching the event people were acting like it was e3...

but yea Mark needs some public speaking help he talks like a typical geek that doesnt fly with the casuals.

and they shouldn't do Q&A's

codyodiodi2662d ago

As a Google+ user I'm not very impressed. Google needs to open up registration and I think more people will migrate over to Google+ because everyone in the chat seemed to know about Google+ and what it is.

fatstarr2662d ago

yea i wasnt impressed at all. lol the facebook chat was hilarious though.

I wanna try google + more and More every day

snoop_dizzle2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I wasn't expecting group calling, although that could also be due to Skype charging for group video calling. With Microsoft's recent acquisition of them and having a stake in Facebook, I am thinking they are working on more things behind closed doors, and potentially integration into Microsoft software like WP7 and W7. That doesn't mean it's as impressive as G+ features, though.

Edit: Not only that, even if they could do group video chat, they probably would have to roll it out slowly given the amount of people use Facebook. Even Google Hangouts, as awesome as it is, gets a bit strained over time.

Captain Tuttle2662d ago

Wow, quite the coup for Microsoft.