32 Wordpress Plugins For 2011

Cody from FroogleGeek wrote:

"WordPress has thousands of plugins available; picking the right ones can be a very hard task. I have been using WordPress for years and there are some really great plugins that have stood out to me. Some of these plugins I use, others I just thought looked like they would be useful to others."

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Speed-Racer2666d ago

WP Super Cache is a joke compared to W3 Total Cache.

codyodiodi2666d ago

I've always used WP Super Cache, it's a caching plugin, it caches the page so it doesn't have to pull so many PHP commands.

Speed-Racer2666d ago

W3C does that along with minifying stylesheets (not always recommended for JS though) and possible use or opcode cache mechanisms rather than disk cache which wp super cache uses. you can also cache object and database queries. if you'd like to use CDN as well, it has a tool for that. the little things add up when you get hit by heavy traffic;

codyodiodi2666d ago

Well everyone has preferences and opinions, that's why my website has this section known as "comments" where you can leave a comment. I believe the article invited those who read it to share plugins that they use and why they use them.

halocursed2666d ago

Seems like a lot of effort went into this post, unlike some other spam posts that come up on google.

Madusha2665d ago

Bookmarked it. Very nice list mate =)