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Schools Face Transition to Digital Textbooks

South Korea plans to develop a library of digital textbooks that contain interactive text and multimedia content. Students will be able to download the content straight to their tablet computers.

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halocursed4233d ago

Am i the only one who likes the smell of paper?

Speed-Racer4233d ago

Do you mean green paper with benjamin franklin on it?

toaster4233d ago

MMMmmmmm that used textbook smell.. indescribable.

MisfitSmurf4233d ago

I was always the one who got the text book from like 1953 that was held together by gum :/

Claude4233d ago

Hope they have highlighting features on those tablets

toaster4233d ago

I think this is a great idea. Tech is progressing pretty fast now and the usability and fun factor of tablets will probably make learning more enjoyable. I think the perfect tab for this would be the Transformer, if the touchpad is not to the student's liking then the keyboard is another alternative.

Shackdaddy8364232d ago

This is a horrible idea imo. If you ever sat in the back of a college class you would agree too. Everyone who has their laptop out in college classes usually can be seen playing games, watching videos, going on facebook, or just doing other stuff in general. Very rarely do I see anyone doing work related to the subject being taught. It's just an extremely pointless distraction which will end up hurting kids instead of helping.

Even if they got dedicated tablets for books then it would still be a bad thing. Have you ever seen the damage on used books that are even a year old? The cost of upkeep on those things would cost the school a lot more money than normal books would.

halocursed4232d ago

Facebook <- Kill it with FIRE. Nuke it from the ORBIT!

michass84232d ago

It is a huge saving for household budget. The cost of school books is massive during our school term. This device allow to download content and all cost associated (paper, printing, distribution) will be cut. Even if the device will cost $300 it will return in second or third year of education process.