Spam Decreased 82.22% Over The Past Year

Mashable - "We have some great news for you: There was a whole lot less spam sent today than there was a year ago. A look at the graphic above puts it in visual terms for you, illustrating how there were more than 225 billion spam emails sent per day in July, 2010, and in June, 2011, that number has dropped to approximately 40 billion. That’s an 82.22% decrease in spam over a year."

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halocursed3568d ago

Possibly because all princes in Nigeria have their fortunes handled.

michass83568d ago

anti-spam is doing a great job. no point to spread more spam if it is not working as it used to be :)

toaster3568d ago

It's weird because I might get spam once every other month.. the filters for Gmail are great.

toaster3568d ago

I know where it all went: the N4G forums.


Speed-Racer3568d ago

I commented on this on Facebook:

The reason I get less spam is because I usually invite the nigerian spammers to meet me at an airport in zimbabwe, with the promise of all my information and a 5 star hotel. When they arrive and don't see me, they end up sending me less spam, because they get played.

Harouls3568d ago

Tell that to my Yahoo account. -_-

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