How To Move All Your Facebook Pictures To Google+

Cody from FroogleGeek wrote:

"I didn’t think there was an easy way to move all of my pictures that were on Facebook over to Google+ however a friend of mine gave me a tip about a program that can do just that."

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Sahil3575d ago

Expect more of these news articles :)

codyodiodi3575d ago

Why? This one sums it up I think.

Sahil3574d ago

Yeah but more.. stuff like how to transfer your friends from FB to G+ and so..

halocursed3574d ago

The new fad: I hated facebook before it was cool to hate facebook.

michass83574d ago

Most people I know are looking for something different than Facebook. Google + might be huge success if this peoples' way of thinking will take over :)

GrumpyVeteran3573d ago

I always hated Facebook :)

MisfitSmurf3574d ago

Ahh still waiting for the invite my friend sent.

codyodiodi3574d ago

I'm pretty sure registration is open now on

snoop_dizzle3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Unless things changed over night, I believe that's a rumor. A few friends of mine couldn't join when I had them confirm. A few people have gotten through, apparently.

MisfitSmurf3573d ago

I got my invite earlier today, havent done much on it though.

zag3573d ago

Got to like a tutorial on a site/service that can't be used by 99.9% of people on the net today.

Really whats the point until google+ comes out properly.

I honestly can't see many people jumping ship for google+ really.