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Will California's 'Amazon tax' cause an affiliate exodus?

California just became the latest U.S. state to sign the so-called "Amazon tax" that will enable it to start collecting sales tax from online transactions. The move will likely trigger a response from Amazon, which has made it clear that it will stand its ground against what it considers to be an "unconstitutional and counterproductive" measure that interferes with interstate commerce.

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codyodiodi3578d ago

It happened to me in Illinois so I'd imagine the same will happen in California.

Really stupid too since I was starting to pull in some serious money from Amazon.

kingjoker343577d ago

doesnt Illinois taxes suck lmfao

codyodiodi3577d ago

Yeah it does. It's supposed to "help small businesses" but I consider myself as a blogger a "small business" and it sure didn't help me. In fact doubling my revenue every month with Amazon and then being kicked out because the Illinois tax hurt my small business a lot.

Gondee3577d ago

They might pull out of texas too. lol

No_Pantaloons3577d ago

They've been wanting to tax internet retail for over a decade, but the only way they're gonna pull it off is on a national level. If one state does it, companies will just move to the closest neighboring state that doesn't, it's a business practice that has become commonplace.

Consumers care about total price, and while they don't pay tax online, they do pay shipping, so if this does go national it will only promote local business, as people won't pay more and wait for delivery if they can drive 15 min and get it at retail.