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Pope uses an Apple iPad to Tweet Someone

It’s official, there isn’t a single person on this planet that hasn’t used the iPad. Pope Benedict XVI has just launched a new Vatican news site. To kick things off, he used the iPad to check it out and sent a tweet from the official Twitter app after a bit of guidance from a bunch of old people and when the job was done they all kissed the Pope, on his knuckles.

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Speed-Racer3575d ago

A lot of people in Africa have not used iPads... just saying

Sahil3575d ago

Well.. if you see it that way, then there are tons of nations where people haven't even heard of iPad.

I was just referring to "Now that pope has used the iPad"

michass83575d ago

Fair play to Pope. He is 'on the ball' with technology. Can you imagine Pope on the TechSpy :)

Sahil3575d ago

maybe he is among us.. secretly.. lol

astar1234567893575d ago

God loves the ipad and so should you. lol