How To Invest In Facebook Before They Go Public

Two ways you can invest in Facebook before they begin trading publicly.

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Speed-Racer3441d ago

I wonder how many stocks TechSpy will buy? :P

codyodiodi3441d ago

Just throw your money into a hole or burn it. You'd get the same outcome if you invested in Facebook.

fatstarr3441d ago

im with it, seems like both ways are useless to the average guy

techniglee3441d ago

Second market is not accessible to the average person. However, it is easy to buy shares of GSCV. Just contact any broker.

ATiElite3440d ago

Why would anybody buy Facebook stock?
something new is bound to be around the corner....remember Myspace and Friendster? did you buy their stock too?

Speed-Racer3440d ago

IMO Faceboom took a different approach by adding services to keep up with the times rather than just throwing out a service and hoping people would like it forever. Yea you could invest but maybe pull out after a short while..

snoop_dizzle3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

There is quite a big difference, especially considering Facebook has gotten far bigger. That doesn't mean Facebook is invincible, but there are very few players that could even remotely compete with them. They have been valued at 70 billion at this point, just shy of companies like HP. Is there some exaggeration in value there? Likely, but you also have to keep in mind, for many companies, the information about people on Facebook is very appealing, especially to companies that want to advertise, and Facebook is pretty much the best place to do that. Facebook is pretty much the closest to one's real ID on that internet, at this point.

Google + is really the one service they should look out for, but this will likely be a niche product for quite some time. Even so, that doesn't mean it's one or the other. I am anticipating Google + as well.

But anyway, Investing in Facebook might actually be ideal for the short term, but with some careful planning.

techniglee3440d ago

When Facebook releases their IPO the general public is going to scramble to buy up whatever they can. Think of it as Black Friday on Wall Street. This stock will have far more hype and publicity than Google had That doesn't mean it will prosper long term but getting in before the mad rush could be a good move.

ATiElite3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

let me re-phrase

i was a day trader and had a ton of money sitting aound i would Buy FaceBook stock, hold it for a short term and sale it and make a quick buck.

But most people are not day traders and buy stock for the long term like 401K and stuff. I just think over time even with all the add ons Facebook has is that it will burn out cause Facebook is driven buy teens and teens switch to new stuff. Facebook is too corporate and eventually teens will want to be free of it's standards.

if a site came out that let you design your page but didn't have the the "Old Heavy loading pages" of Myspace....Facebook would loose people.

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