A LulzSec Mastermind Suspect Arrested in Essex, England

A 19-year-old suspected to be the mastermind behind the hacker group LulzSec has been arrested in Wickford, Essex in England, in a joint action by the Scotland Yard and the FBI.

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darksied2676d ago

Lock him up and throw away the key.

Thecraft19892676d ago

no i don't think that's right thing to do. I don't think its right in these times when we have very limited prison room to waste space on some that's not threat to society in the way mass murderer or a rapist etc.

i think he should be blacklisted from any ISP I doubt I will be able to do much on a 3g network. on house arrest and mentally evaluated.

I don't condone his actions but i just don't think he is worth the space.

darksied2676d ago

I know, I was being sarcastic, because there's no chance that will happen. But ... I could agree with what you said. These guys have one "strength," and that's their ability to hack technology. Take it away from them and keep them under observation. The only problem with that is, it might cost just as much as keeping them in prison, if not more. Observation, psychological evaluation, monitoring for blacklisted items (computers, internet), etc. Kind of a waste, right?

zag2675d ago


Yeah, because locking up crimals is the wrong thing to do.

If he or you don't want him to go to jail then he shouldn't do something that is classed as a jailable crime.

It's simple stuff really.

fatstarr2676d ago

Man screw that i agree with antisec and what they are fightin for i been sayin it for years.
The government is slick remember acta?

Thecraft19892676d ago

Well every out come will involve costing money.

But the one I stated would also mean one more cell for a criminal who belongs there.

I work in prison in the Uk and can't think of what cat he would belong in.

hiredhelp2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

This is a 19yr old. Is old enough a young man who has to be learnt right from wrong the hard way. Sorry but a easy way out isnt the best option like banning him from any ip, as that wont work anyone can have a ip provider. Doesnt mean this youngster can be bared from using computer.

No he deservs some kinda short sentance hes got rest of his life. Just short sentance and learn some respect, who knows he may go in a young lad come out a man.

MagicGamer2676d ago

Kinda saw this coming. Probably just the beginning of arrest to come.

NoNeedForAName2676d ago

Get caught leading an international hacking group...for the lulz.

zag2676d ago

He's fucked either way he'll be charged by the CIA and get done as a terrorist.

darksied2676d ago

I hope so, even thought I hate to say it. I don't like the abuse that can be perpetrated by calling a person a "terrorist" for no reason (c'mon, here there's no reason for it, even if they're scum and deserve prison time). BUT, these guys are pissing me off so bad, that in this case, even though I feel kind of bad about it, if they call him a terrorist and put him away with that, so be it.

zag2675d ago

a person a "terrorist" for no reason

What makes you think that?

What the hacking of Sony was all fine with everyone?

He's been hacking into the CIA and other US government sites and releasing the data out all over the net and they have been getting shut down.

Sony shutting down the PSN and all the data stolen is the same thing as 9/11 and how many Americans are saying the US government shouldn't be chasing after al-qaeda because they might not be terrorists.

Even though it's online doesn't mean it's a minor thing.

If this group gets away with it whats the point in trying to arrest people who hack into banks and steal your data and then all your money, be better to just leave it be and let it all happen.

Speed-Racer2676d ago

Turns out the guys is just a IRC Channel mod.. according to lulz anyway. The core team didn't get hit ... yet

Treyb3yond2676d ago

He will spill his little nerdy guts.

Speed-Racer2676d ago

I hope so. Lulzsec has gone too far

fatstarr2676d ago

What would a tiny ant know about the leaders? Why would they tell him anything of importance?

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