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Lulzsec: CIA was not our biggest hack.

The CIA takedown is only the latest fed-baiting from the group, whose targets have also included the Senate–LulzSec stole a tranche of internal files from a Senate server earlier this week “just for kicks“–and an FBI affiliate known as Infragard.

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MagicGamer2684d ago

Lulzsec has balls of steel. You gotta give them a A+ for their lack of concern of drawing attention from the big dogs like the CIA.

SpaceSquirrel2684d ago

I don't know what they gain with these hacks.

koehler832683d ago

They don't gain anything from the hacks. They gain notoriety from publicizing them.

hazelamy2683d ago

they'll soon be gaining some orange jumpsuits and a view of the bay.

kingjoker342683d ago

not if they continue the way they have will they be in jail.
they hacked Sony, Bethesda, CIA, FBI, and countless other places and nobody even knows who they are.

BornCursed2684d ago

That's a pretty big lulz! This may not have been the best idea from them. The CIA is no joke.

theonlylolking2683d ago

I wonder if they can or will they hack the new york stock exchange with this bad economy?

BornCursed2683d ago

lol I agree! With the results we are getting from the NYSE I would have figured it had already been hacked.

JeepGamer2683d ago

And by 'hack' they mean.

They flooded a website designed to handle moderate amounts of traffic and took it offline for a few minutes. That takes talent.

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