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T-Mobile Shows Off the HTC Sensation 4G at E3 2011

T-Mobile USA senior product manager Desmond Smith shows off the HTC Sensation 4G at E3 2011. This dual-core Google Android phone features a 4.3-inch qHD screen, HTC Sense 3.0, and more. Smith goes over the phone's features and shows off HTC Watch as well as HTC Trace.

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Anarki3551d ago

My Galaxy S II > This

rpad3551d ago

In some ways yes, in some ways no.

rpad3550d ago

That's debatable. I used the Euro version during E3 and was extremely unimpressed with the build quality. The plastic feels very cheap. TouchWiz 4 is better, but still not as good as Sense. The screen tech was immensely impressive and the processor is fast. I love the build quality of the Sensation, the higher resolution, and Sense 3.0.

michass83550d ago

The only thing better in the HTC is the actual service - Sense it is brilliant, overall Samsung is much better

Mr_Anderson3550d ago

"Please Plug in Your Charger"

"Battery Low"