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Sony Expect Glasses-free 3D TV “in 10 years, minimum”

3D is still a buzzword in todays industry, with consoles and handhelds now supporting 3D, but glasses-free 3D television won’t be in the home for at least the next ten years.

Sony’s “resident 3D expert” and director of SCE Studio Liverpool, Mick Hocking, discusses some of the problems facing providing big screen, glasses-free 3D TV for multiple viewers.

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michass83594d ago

10 years, they should work harder and provide it sooner :)

Solid_Malone3593d ago

ah, well then i guess i'll wait 10 years to buy a 3D tv

michass83593d ago

this should be cheap technology in 10 years time... we will have some holograms by then....

GodsHand3592d ago

I think they already have it, they are just waiting/buying time to sell the old stuff as much as possible. The reason being is I remember seeing some holodeck display video (possibly here) of a sony product that was about the size of 2 liter bottle. It was not hd quality but a step in the right direction of creating glasses free 3d viewing.

zak94ma3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

well a designer said 7 years ago that the first Holographic TV will be out in 2014 Sony says :"Glasses-free 3D TV “in 10 years, minimum”". Sony stop your Bolls*#"t .

BornCursed3593d ago

Ten years !!! Another decade!! I say that's way off.

Sahil3591d ago

I guess they will try and provide it before those long 10 years