iPad 3 Coming This Year With 2560x1920 Resolution Display?

MacRumors: Buried in an Reuters report this evening about the imminent launch of the MacBook Air, there was a single sentence nonchalantly stating that the iPad 3 would launch in the fourth quarter of this year with a screen resolution "5-6 times" higher than the iPad 2.

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michass83593d ago

Brilliant, this fact will push other manufacturers to introduce even better devices and hopefully the prices will go down...

GrumpyVeteran3592d ago

2560x1920 would be pretty herpy derpy.

Looking forward to seeing if it becomes true.

Tommykrem3592d ago

Might go for this one. But I'd like if an iPad 4 didn't arrive 10 months later.

showtimefolks3592d ago

we get a product and within a year we get a new one. Apple does this more than anyone else but problem is there are millions of Apple fans who will buy anything apple sells.

haven't bough any ipad yet and i hope this one comes out soon so i can buy the 2nd one for cheap

ilikegam3s3592d ago

WHHAAATTT??? I still dont have the original Ipad or Ipad 2 :( :O