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Teen’s Invention Increases Solar Panel Efficiency by 40%

Eden Full, a 19 year old from Calgary has invented the SunSaluter, a device that will increase the efficiency of Solar Panels by up to 40%.

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michass84033d ago

Well done, Great source of energy and free

techniglee4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

This technology will do the world a lot of good.

Sahil4033d ago

OMG.. kids these days

theonlylolking4032d ago

19 is adult in some places in the world.

BeastlyRig4032d ago

kids invent the darndest things!

Mr_Anderson4033d ago

FTA: "She was also presented with the $1,000,000 20 under 20 Thiel Fellowship. She plans to use the money to share her technology with the world."

Sad that there are probably companies out there already trying to make this technology more expensive and less deployable due to it not being profitable the way she is trying to do it.

madjedi4032d ago

Kinda true, but this maybe designed more for nations with small gdc's ie 3rd world countries, i am not sure of this device's cost. Solar panels need to get cheaper as well as more efficient, if you want the common man to use it, ie 20-60k installations aren't going to cut it.

But on the reverse side power companies will be looking into this if it boosts efficiency by 40%, also if the tech can't be scaled up in size it's useless to energy companies.

I know it's easy to see corporations as evil, but if it enables us to get away from nuclear energy and it's waste i am all for it.

With the amount energy produced by solar panels, corporations have to be involved just due to the sheer scale needed to produce a relevant amount of usable energy.

3 energy sources the corporations and governments should push/invest/research heavily in, are solar which they already are, plasma/fusion reactors(ie the same way our sun creates energy).

And lastly tidal or wave energy, this is the least looked into/researched one from what i can tell, but offers a incredible amount of potential energy.

It's likely she will either work for a power company or a university, in a few yrs.

Peenutt4032d ago

there is probably a company right now trying to figure out a way to slow what she accomplished down or to make it disappear once she moves on to something else.

Speed-Racer4032d ago

19 years old? Hmm title kinda exaggerates, but still a great discovery indeed.

Bounkass4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

It's not nine-TEEN for nothing guys. :P

Speed-Racer4032d ago

Meh... that's like old xD

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