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HDMI Cables Just Got Ridiculous – The $935 2 Foot HDMI Cable

Cody from wrote:

"Whenever I’m feeling under the weather, as I am today, I like to look at over priced stuff and think “somewhere out there some moron with too much money to spend actually bought this” this is the case of the AudioQuest Cable.

Those of you unaware that HDMI cables are digital and not analog now you know. What this means is either the signal will go through the cable or it won’t, so either you will get the best picture possible or you will get no picture at all. This is why buying a 6 foot HDMI cable from Amazon for under $3 will always give you the same picture as this HDMI that is over 310 times as much money."

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snoop_dizzle3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Ha. While that's crazy, not the type of crazy that costs in the ballpark of $26k for analogue speaker wire. It can get super obscene.

codyodiodi3593d ago

But the analogue speaker wire probably has some justification for being that expensive.

snoop_dizzle3593d ago

Given it's analogue, that is true, given there can be a degradation in quality...Likely not worth $26,000, lol.

Granted, at that level, you're probably looking at a sound system that is easily worth 100K+.

codyodiodi3593d ago

Yeah I wouldn't spend that kind of money on cables however I'm sure there are some people who would, given that you likely get something for the money.

With HDMI the $3 cable will give the same picture and sound quality as the $900 cable, the only difference is the $900 cable might last longer, but still there is no justification for that price.

_Q_3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I'm holding out for the diamond crusted version. This is for peasants.. Who shops at Best buy?

Put the pitch forks down.. =D We poor people know we can't buy but if I had it like that I probably would be far more concerned with much more madness than the cost of my cables like how I'm gonna fit the Cowboy's jumbo-tron up my driveway? Lmao

BubbleSniper3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I wanted exotic metals from space that cost 1million dollar per foot when applied to a design for home audio wires.

_Q_3590d ago

Unobtanium HDMI cables just happen to be my bag baby. How many can I jot you down for? Oh and financing is available as well.