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AMD Delays Bulldozer Citing Performance Issues

Looks like Intel is going to bulldoze all over AMD once again. The launch of AMD's Phenom was plagued by the translation lookaside buffer (TLB) bug, and unfortunately it seems that Bulldozer won't be phenomenal either.

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toaster3566d ago

What a shame.. of course this could just be fanboys spreading rumors. I was really hoping to upgrade to Bulldozer since AMD usually has really good price/performance on their CPUs. And they last considerably longer than Intel sockets. Bulldozer will also support SLI as well, so that's another feature that I was looking forward to. If these rumors are true then I'll just have to go with Intel..

Enate3566d ago

Yea I was in the same boat, currently selling my rig. Was waiting on all the money to come in. An given it had taken this long I was gonna wait for bulldozer. Though it looks like I'm gonna have to go with the Intel rig I've got built up on newegg.

Solid_Malone3565d ago

where did u sell your rig? On ebay? I'm thinking of doing the same but not sure where to sell on.

toaster3565d ago

You can sell it on Craigslist. It's local, so you usually don't have to pay for shipping since buyers can just go to your house to pick it up.

Solid_Malone3565d ago

hmmm, never heard of craigslist, tried googling it but couldnt find it :/