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DS Lite Drops To $99 In A Week

Based on an official Nintendo direction, you will be able to pick up a Nintendo DS Lite at retail for under a hundred dollars after June 5th.

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Sahil3602d ago

should I buy one of the older gen DS's or should I wait for the 3DS to drop in price.

fatstarr3602d ago

wait for the 3ds to drop in price, i got my ds lite for 30 cash and its indestructible . im gettin a 3ds this summer or for xmas cant wait.

JoeIsMad3602d ago

Wait for the NGP (PS Vita) to be launched. It's a wonderfully better console.

fatstarr3601d ago

NGP isnt even gonna touch the 3DS or the DS

Sahil3601d ago

I have the summer to make this decision, crucial one!