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NVIDIA Project Kal-El Demo

NVIDIA posted Project Kal-El demo: Glowball on YouTube today. Neat looking app but you have to wonder how bad this thing is going to hammer battery life. Then again, they named it after Superman, so you should be okay. Right?

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toaster3609d ago

Holy crap.. that is amazing. Dynamic lighting and real time collision detection. The fact this this is still a pre-production chip makes it even more jaw dropping.

Sahil3608d ago

after watching the video.. i was like... Sweeeeeeet!

It's faster than a speeding bullet :D

fatstarr3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

yes i was gonna say the same this is really awesome. the game looks beautiful especially when you consider that its running off of a tablet it gets a bit laggy at times but as they said its pre production. if one of the next gen handhelds had one of these wow.
keepin an eye out for this one. this might be the tablet for me.

Sahil3608d ago

As long as NVIDIA can introduce new ARM CPUs at a good price point for manufacturers they should do well

fatstarr3608d ago

Nvidia needs to work with their company relations and get these put into the next phones while they are at it. this is my 3rd time watching the video and im still awwed by it.

Sahil3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

agree, they seriously need to work on their company relations.

fatstarr3608d ago

i wonder why they havent like made a console out of something like this yet. its feasible and it may be on the cheap side.