Hyperkin making HDMI cable for Wii

Video game accessory and peripheral brand Hyperkin is giving the Nintendo Wii HDMI connectivity. Its upcoming Passport: HDMI Cable for Wii creates a direct link from the Wii video game console to a TV or PC monitor. The company claims its Passport HDMI Cable provides a higher native resolution for the Wii.

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KingLizzle3608d ago

It'll be interesting to see how it works in practice. If it can bring higher picture quality to Wii it will be a very handy thing to pick up. I just hope it isn't over-priced. If it's the same price as a standard HDMI cable it should be a big seller.

toaster3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

HDMI is HDMI, I don't really understand the $100 cables. I'm willing to bet a $6 HDMI cable does the same sht as one of those $1000 cables from Best Buy.

This is a bit different though, and I would definitely like to try one out. I play on my Wii more than 360 at the moment..

fatstarr3608d ago

yes you are correct 10$ hdmi cables do the same thing as a 1000$ monster cable. i want this to be for real, i want to play the last story and some other japan only wii rpgs if they ever come out.

toaster3608d ago

I want to play Okami in HD!!!!

SactoGamer3608d ago

While it is slightly off-topic from the Wii HDMI cable, I typically get my HDMI's for roughly $1 each off of They work just fine.

KingLizzle3608d ago

Yup, I've always used the relatively cheap (but gold-plated) ones from eBay or Amazon and have never had any problems.

This one is obviously more than a run of the mill cable, but I think a $10 to $15 dollar price point would be about right. At any rate there'll probably be generic clones available as soon as it releases.

fatstarr3608d ago

I think there will be something special about this wii cable that will prevent it from being cloned cheaply.
either way we have until next week to find out what makes this cable.

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Sahil3608d ago

I think it's too late as i'm sure a lot of people will start moving to Wii 2 with build in HDMI

Sahil3608d ago

@News10GameGuys : yup, can't trust those cables :)

fatstarr3608d ago

id actually like to see how this turns out. i dont know how its gonna work but i cant wait till e3 to see how it works. if its impressive enough i might buy it.

Sahil3608d ago

But i I hope it turns out to be 1080p or better :)

fatstarr3607d ago

I dont think nintendo has any plans to go higher than 1080p with project cafe take it with a grain of salt but thats the highest resolution listed there