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Duke Nukem: Forever "Fully Loaded" Edition Packs A Graphics Card For PC

Picking up Duke Nukem: Forever isn't a choice after 14 years. Picking up the next Duke title is a quest, a journey, a decision of which system you'll play it on, and an experience in nostalgia. Interestingly enough - the third of these experiences just got a bit harder, as if you were intending on picking up a special edition of Duke on the 14th, you were looking at a console version of the title - until now.

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fatstarr3604d ago

for 250 you can get this? thats kind of a deal hmm this is gonna be one tough summer so many decisions ill have to make, 580 is out of my league but a 560 has to be good and better than a 260... some research has to be done.

AuToFiRE3604d ago

a 560 is better than what im running.. onboard ;;

im so ashamed..

fatstarr3604d ago

yea man on board graphics are not good, how come you dont have a full on graphics card?

AuToFiRE3604d ago

i spent the full $1200 i had on top of the line parts and 'was' saving up for a graphics card, then i found medical marijuana really helps with my autism, severe depression and chronic pain and decided a graphics card can wait

JoeIsMad3604d ago

That is a ridiculous troll. Why would you even post if you weren't going to contribute to the conversation?

AuToFiRE3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

i think you are the troll Mr JoelsMad, Ive been part of this community for years, racking up almost 10,000 (9863 to be precise at this time) individual posts, articles, blogs, etc to the newsboiler website, what have you contributed?

JoeIsMad3604d ago

I've contributed enough to the NewsBoiler network to suffice, while not boasting about how amazing I am, and assisting users as much as I can to improve the reputation of my website. I'm not interested with the rank I acquire on these websites, other than for the sake of not breaking the rules.

Lich1203604d ago

Am I missing something... how was what auto said trolling? At all?

Solid_Malone3604d ago

dude, chill out, i know your desperate to call out troll from time to time but dude, you just killed it :/.

fatstarr3604d ago

yea the guy doesnt seem like hes trolling i asked a question and he gave an answer, he would rather buy something of more importance to himself than a 200$ piece of pcb board.

BubbleSniper3604d ago

Don't worry about Joe, he's just mad. u mad joe? u mad.

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toaster3604d ago

I'm willing to bet DNF won't be that graphics intensive anyways, so a last gen card will be able to run it at 60FPS no problem.

JoeIsMad3604d ago

Though it may not be super-intensive, you'll be able to pick up the card for a fair price this way. This package was built for someone who doesn't have the ready hardware, though they loved Duke on the PC 14 years ago.

toaster3604d ago

"Now we as a community have absolutely have no excuse for not playing the titty-filled, steroid-boosted alien invasion that is Duke Nukem: Forever."

Love that part.

Do you know the price of this bundle? If it's within the range of a standard GTX 560 then that would really be a steal.

fatstarr3604d ago

price that i saw is 250 from nvidia so i know there will be deals all over you might be able to buy this for like 199 or 180

GrumpyVeteran3604d ago

I have an ATI 6950, so this probably isn't really a deal for me but still cool nevertheless.

TABSF3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

GTX 560 and GTX 460 1GB version are the same.

Check out the specs for yourself

GF100 - GF110 was a revision
GF104 - GF114 was not a revision, the same goes for GF116 and GF118

The only real new edition is the GF119 which is the value/HTPC card - GT 520 and even that is questionable.

badkolo3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

the gtx 560 is slightly faster then the gtx 460 and also less power hungry and more quiet, so they are similar but not exactly the same.

Sahil3604d ago

i have the gtx460.. it's not that noisy and power hungry, i have no issues with it :)

TABSF3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Well the GTX 560 is clocked slightly higher, so that would explain the slight faster part.

They may have played around the power delivery to bring down the power consumption a bit.

As for heat and noise, just slap on a better cooler with a better thermal paste, that would show an improvement in temperature, this also will make it less nosier.

There is a difference between GTX 460 1GB and GTX 560 Ti

48 more Cuda cores 8 more TMUs and a higher stock clock.

Checkout LinusTechTips he covers the 460 and 560 PCBs, the difference is negligible.

Sahil3604d ago

I'm looking forward to it.

But I will be trying before buying (torren). I'm not expecting much from it, But I'll be very happy if the game pulls through.

toaster3604d ago

Yeah I'm skeptical about the overall quality of the game too. Gearbox aren't exactly the best devs, and their last few games outright sucked so I'm not expecting much.

fatstarr3604d ago

I believe it wont be the next call of duty but it will be fun to play, people have been waiting 15 years for this and im sure that they wont disappoint... hopefully.

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