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AMD ships five million Fusion chips, says it's sold out

Sounds like Notbooks are making a dent: AMD says it's shipped five million Fusion processors since the architecture's debut, according to a report at CNET. In January, the company said the hybrid CPU / GPU chips had momentum, and as of last month it was quoting 3.9 million APUs out in the wild, but this week AMD says that demand has overtaken supply and it's completely sold out of the Atom alternative.

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Sahil3716d ago

I'm a grad student, at my campus Netbooks and "small laptops" are VERY common.
The "small laptop" niche is exactly what most people seem to buy. I'm one of very, very few people who lug a 17" notebook around simply because I need the screen real estate and a 10-key. You'll see a 15" laptop here and there but for the most part it's these small notebooks/netbooks.

I've seen maybe one or two MB Airs on campus, ever. It's rare to see a Mac that isn't a 13" white plastic or aluminum but sometimes a 15" or 17" will pop up.

jack_burt0n3716d ago

A £180 11" netbook that can run dow2 @1024 and be a 1080p media centre in a £4K home cinema without missing a beat gets a thumbs up from me.

AuToFiRE3715d ago

the problem is most netbooks dont have 1080p screens

fatstarr3715d ago

i still want a tablet over a netbook but thats pretty cool.

Sahil3714d ago

To be honest, none of my friends own a netbook.
And, the be honest again, I don't think I've ever seen anybody toting around a netbook.
But then again, I don't have many friends and I stay in university campus all day.