Is It Even Possible to Make Windows Work Well On a Tablet?

Techland: After watching Microsoft try to make PCs that use fingers and/or a stylus for input make sense for a couple of decades, I've come to a conclusion that doesn't feel impulsive and premature: the basics of the Windows interface are at odds with the whole idea.

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Gondee3610d ago

Windows could run beautifully on a tablet, but without a App store just for tablets the Applications will not run well.

fatstarr3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

id say with out some form of 3G/4G/satellite internet etc its pointless, i hate wifi only devices and they need to make it so that everything can connect to some network. but Microsoft would indeed have to work on some sort of tablet app store.

Sahil3607d ago

Agree.. app store is the lifeline of tablets :)

fatstarr3607d ago

* app store is the life line of any mobile device now a days, i remember when i had windows mobile 6.1 i had to plug it into the computer and download programs it was a hassle and nothing was free and i had a weird phone so not everything worked on it,

Sahil3608d ago

Already does. Just remote into your desktop using your IPad

fatstarr3608d ago

remote desktop onto a tablet isnt the same as actually having a windows powered tablet which is what the article was gettin to.

Sahil3608d ago

i know.. but the article says "Even Possible to Make Windows Work Well" and with remote desktop onto a tablet works fine :)

fatstarr3607d ago

i would rather see windows 7 running bare and some one develop a program to run over it sorta like a skin. remote desktop doesn't cut it i use it on my phone and its nice but not good. but we will see what windows 8 does with tablets. 7 was never meant to be on a tablet device.