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Corsair releases Worlds Fastest Production 8GB PC Memory Kit

Corsair announced the production of a Dominator GTX 8GB dual-channel DDR3 kit guaranteed to operate at 2400MHz, with latency settings of 9-11-10-30, at a memory voltage of 1.65V.

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fatstarr3608d ago

look ma 500$ for ram. sheesh if it wasnt so expensive i would be into the overclocking game again, but the summer with the 8800gtx way back showed me that that lifestyle isnt good for me.

good job to corsair for making these sticks.

ChrisW3608d ago

Just wait a year. It'll be about $100 for the kit.

toaster3607d ago

Hardly, these are pretty badass sticks. I dont see them ever dropping to anything near $100. Right now RAM is pretty cheap and you can get 8GB of 1600MHz DDR3 for around $100. But these.... these are the elite.

fatstarr3607d ago

as toaster said these are the top of the top hand picked 1 out of every 20 sticks make it. thats really high standards.

Yi-Long3607d ago

...when I paid 400 guilders (about 200 dollars I think) for 4 MB of RAM so I could play Doom 2 and Quake on my 486 pentium... ;)

Syko3607d ago

I think if you had $1500 to spend on a Computer right now and you were smart you would see very little difference between buying all the highest end parts and having a $4,000-6k computer that was slightly better.

I mean no doubt Benchmarks and the like would be higher but for day to day use and even the current games that are out you would not see a $2,500-4k difference. You would however be the envy of every hardcore computer nerd you know xD