New image algorithm upscales 8-bit images without jagged edges

Two researchers have come up with a new scaling algorithm called Depixelizing Pixel Art that extracts a resolution-independent vector which allows for any level of magnification without image degradation. It also has a special feature that takes sharp pixelated edges and transforms them into smooth curves with the relevant matching color grades.

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RonyDean3613d ago

THAT IS SICK!! What an amazing job these guys have done.

Yi-Long3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

... but I don't really like these 'depixelizing'(sp?) methods.

1: I LOVED playing the original Super Mario and Sonic in their normal pixel design. And I would rather see them just do a straight pixel-conversion (so instead of 1 blue pixel, you now have 4 or 8 blue pixels functioning as that 1 original pixel), so it still 'looks' EXACTLY like the original, without being washed out or whatever. So it still looks SHARP!

2: I think techniques like these make it easier for developers to 'cheat' on remaking old classics in 'HD', while I don't think it really looks good. Latest example is the Guardian Heroes remake, which is now coming in 'HD', but uses this kinda technique to make it look HD. And it looks mediocre at best. It just doesn't compare AT ALL to actual HD-pixel games like the new Rayman Origins HD, or even a game like Super Meat Boy or Castle Crashers, which look very sharp.

These new techniques just make it look like a cheap Adobe Illustrator filers has been thrown over an existing image. And I much prefer the original pixel-design.

AhnnQuirajj3613d ago

Could this develop into something for blurry photos?

Speed-Racer3613d ago

Who knows. It's a start of something good so maybe the same concept can be used to help sharpen and define blurry pics.

Dramscus3610d ago

or when enlarging pictures. When it starts to pixilate this can auto apply and it won't look so terrible.

BubbleSniper3613d ago

I'm almost going to cry....!!

fatstarr3613d ago

thats pretty cool. and that additional link that they provide with the other images. it really puts their work to true justice. the onlything that i see is that it makes everything rounded

Lich1203613d ago

Wow, Im glad you linked because I didn't see that. Its no contest at those high resolutions! Freaking awesome.

Peaceful_Jelly3613d ago

What is the big deal about this? When I play on Snes9x I use HQx4 filter and it looks the same. =/

f7897903612d ago

That's what I was thinking.......not really impressive. New method that does the same as the old.

Peaceful_Jelly3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

Secret of Mana: 720p with HQx4 on Snes9X v1.53


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The story is too old to be commented.