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Internet re-connects can lead to online infidelity

A Sacramento State professor said cheating has increased, especially after social media websites were launched.

Dr. Nancy Kalish began studying the effects of the internet on relationships more than two decades ago.

Kalish said since then, the number of online affairs dramatically increased.

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fatstarr3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

is she really serious? life of course back in the 80s all you could do was stalk and call and maybe send mail now you got like 50 avenues to get back into that persons life or talk to them.

Sahil3604d ago

obviously, the introduction has certainly increased the number of people dating over the world :)

fatstarr3603d ago

yea i think the internet has really really brought a change to the world to how you can find your soul mate from your computer chair forget bars and clubs.

Sahil3603d ago

yeah, gone those days of hitting in bars and clubs :D

fatstarr3603d ago

a new thing could be done where clubs set up a virtual zone where you can come to their clubs and party sorta like second life.

Sahil3603d ago

hahaha.. that would be cool.

fatstarr3603d ago

i couldt tell my friends about somethin like that id be made fun of for years to come hahah.