Examiner: Review - Sharp's 70-inch LED HDTV (LC-70LE732U)

With Sharp having recently released its 70-inch LED HDTV, how well does this behemoth of a TV stack up? Read on to find out.

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fatstarr3609d ago

there is no need, man once that samsung tv catches on the future of the hdtv will change. i mean its so sleek and sexy i want one now but this innovation that samsung has done will cause everyone to rethink their q3 and q4 lineups.

mark my word this is going to change the future of tvs

Sahil3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

UGH! I hate the likes of Sharp and Samsung and others. They lie lie lie to you when it comes to Electronics and especially TV's. Oh yea it is called Marketing. The 70 inch LCD TV's have been on the Market and available for years. Just because Sharp is late to the game is no reason to lie and claim this is a new product available to consumers for the first time. I know it is new to Sharp, but not to LCD TV's. Also be careful about contrast ratio numbers. Most are lies as well.
True contrast ratio is one thing but the manufacturers list "dynamic contrast ratio" which is just mumbo jumbo and a way to fool you into thinking you are getting something great. there is no such thing as Thousand's to one contrast ratio. Brightness in nits is measurable and if you measured the brightness you would find many manufactures lie here as well. I wish just one Attorney General in one State would investigate these liars and take care of the consumer for a change. This Guy comes from LG and therefore knows that LG even has a 72 inch LCD now and has had 70 inch product
for years. What a liar. he should run for political office. Fit right

fatstarr3607d ago

yes man its all just a ruse from my experience in retail good specs to trick the consumer into thinking your product is the best. thank god for review systems or this world would be nowhere.

Sahil3607d ago

hmm.. that's what reviewing websites and youtube is for.

fatstarr3607d ago

i dont trust youtube reviews much because in the end of the day half of it is for sponsorship and they skew their reviews to get the money from the product they review. not everyone is like that but alot of them are.

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