How to buy a gaming headset

Choices, choices, choices...

When looking for a gaming headset, choice is probably the one thing that gamers have too much of these days. What's good and what's not? Which brands will last and which ones won't?

Leslie Moore of headset manufacturer Plantronics has some tips for gamers looking to get a more immersive gaming experience.

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toaster3610d ago

Not exactly a guide to purchasing, but I agree with most of what Leslie Moore said. I tend to go high end with my headsets.

Cat3610d ago

Well, they work for Plantronics so they've gotta work that angle :)

Otherwise, yeah, there's definitely an element of you get what you pay for.

fatstarr3603d ago

to be honest i just buy anything my headset is a 99cent one from the 99cent store, i have a 20$ one for steam and stuff but i dont really talk much and i have a nice sound system set up. Might have to buy a good one i never knew the industry was so cut throat.

Sahil3609d ago

Just bought the sennheiser for my xbox last week :)

SactoGamer3609d ago

That should be a rather nice headset.

Sahil3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

Yeah, so far so good :)

Joker353609d ago

I say go with Astro gaming headsets. I have had the cheap ones, also owned a set of Steel Series X5's. they where good. but Astro was way better with the pre amp 5.1.