Remember When AOL Instant Messenger Was Our Facebook?

Giz: After bowing down to Google Talk this week, AIM is effectively dead. Most buddy lists are ghost towns. Chatters fled to Google, Skype and Facebook for their conversational needs. But at its pinnacle, AIM was something singular and amazing.

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toaster3612d ago

Yah AIM was amazing, but now that it's integrated with Google Talk I don't need to log into AIM anymore. It's all through GTalk, very simple and easy. I just wish Google would develop an in -house desktop client for GTalk, right now I'm using Trillian and it gets the job done but I think the interface is ugly.

Sahil3606d ago

Except in Europe, where people used MSN or something else entirely.

Also, convoluted? My Digsby looks a helluva lot cleaner than that AIMbomination.

fatstarr3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

I kinda miss the aim thing but i got the same experience from playing mmos but i miss those days before sykpe,, oovoo, facebook and all these internet sites with chat integration took off. people still use msn though

Sahil3604d ago

Yeah, all my friends use MSN :)