What the Next-Gen Game System's Facial Animations May Look Like

How much more realistic can video games get? Heavy Rain may have showed some of the best video game facial animations known to man, but it’s almost hard to believe that those facial animations were nothing compared to what you are about to witness. Something you might only see on the PS4, Xbox 720 or Wii 2.

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toaster2925d ago

"Something you might only see on the PS4, Xbox 720 or Wii 2"

Or, you know... on PC. Where the real innovation happens years before the consoles get the hand-me-downs.

iamnsuperman2925d ago

I disagree only recently has the PC taken off again (BF3 and Arma3). The PC goes through cycles of being innovative/good looking then not so.

YoungMoney2925d ago

I agree, some PC games are way below expectation however, I too agree that it can be done on PCs first, but the gaming market is very dominant with consoles right now, I can see this technology coming to the next-gen consoles.

Speed-Racer2924d ago

PCs will always be the superior "console" but the problem comes down to how far game devs wish to push their games for the system. If they go like Crytek and just port off games to the PC or dumb down games to match their PS3/Xbox counterparts, it leaves us PC fans a bit disappointed.

jony_dols2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Shit, why the hell is the Wii 2 being included in this?

Project cafe is current gen 1.25.
It'll be lucky if it runs L.A Noire style facial animations.
Current gen console graphics (circa '06) except in 1080p....
Wow, really pushing boundaries Nintendo.

No_Pantaloons2923d ago

Wrong, the pc has and will always lead in tech. Just because developers wont reach the high bar doesn't mean it isn't there. Its the very reason we cry about consoles watering down games.

Crysis was a great example at the time because it pushed to the limits of what a PC could do, which was far past what consoles could dream of. If anyone was willing to sink their money into a current PC only game with tessellation and all the bells and whistles, it too would trump any console game by miles. The thing is they don't profit as much from going that route so you see lower standards and older tech.

That video was amazing btw.

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FEARprototype2924d ago

and people who talk always forget about one thing, 90% of the people can't afford the demand of a futuristic pc. {side note}
i cant live without my pc^^

fatstarr2923d ago

i dont think pc will get any innovation untill the next console cycle comes.

Killzone3___2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

pc is really powerful but there is no games that use it's potentiol ... consoles are not as powerful as the pc but it have great games , look at gears 3 / uncharted 1-2-3 / god of war 3 / mgs 4 / heavy rain / killzone 3 / little big planet 2 / inFAMOUS 1-2 / Demon soul / Final fantasy versus / twisted metal / the last gaurdian / Resistance 1-2-3 ...etc

what the pc have ?.. the only game is good for me is battlefield 3 which is already on the consoles and i don'twant to buy it because they are making me look bad..

nonoe can say consoles are more powerfull then the pc , the pc is way better but just like what i said , no games... the developers don't want to work for pc because not alots of people buy games in pc , the yalways pirate , even i would pirate games if i had gaming pc because it's free , games are too expnesive that's why developers and companys make games and consoles , for money not to make great games on pc...