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New Facebook group encourages members to steal racy photos of female friends

PCA: How secure is your Facebook page? A men’s only Facebook group called 'The Brocial Network' has been accused of stealing hundreds of photos of scantily-clad women without their consent.

Members of the invitation-only group are encouraged to scour the pages of their female friends for photos that "reveal a little too much". The photos are then posted on the group’s page, along with their names and Facebook URLs.

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GrrrlGamerX4578d ago

I wonder if the girl in the article photo gave permission to the writer? Irony, much?

nopunctuation4577d ago

This stuff is noting new. If you post a pic of yourself online you should be prepared for any consequences that could unfold from it. Its your fault if someone takes it.

perdie4577d ago

this is absolutely true. if you dont want people to see it then don't post or actually don't even take the pic

Legion4578d ago

That is the whole point of facebook. If you don't want people to see your pictures then don't allow them to be on the internet.

And even if you want to allow some people to see certain shots then make sure you know that person will not share... simple enough thing is too not share at all if you don't want them seen.

StbI9904577d ago

Facebook, myspace, hi5, orkut and the millions of other social site full of cam whores and blind stupid childs using them...then I wonder? is that even a matter?.

Megaton4578d ago

"The Brocial Network", awesome.

GrrrlGamerX4578d ago

Legion, so if I post a pic of myself in a bikini on Facebook, does that gives you the right to upload it on some dodgy website for people to perv at? I don't think so.

jsc249jobal4578d ago

"Don't throw your pearls in front of swine."

It is just common sense.

GrrrlGamerX4578d ago

That's like saying a girl shouldn't wear a short skirt in public, because of the rapists. :P

TheRacingX4577d ago

Hey, most girls/women wear low cut or revealing attire because they want men to look at them. If men didn't look at them, they would be thinking " why doesn't he want to check me out?? am I not hot looking enough?? " OR, if a guy is checking her out she's thinking " Yeah, I KNOW you want this....but keep dreaming loser..." its all a part of the dance....we all want what we can't have, and when we get it we don't want it anymore

macewindex4577d ago

too true... can a girl be attractive without showing 99% of her skin? Also... what kind of society do we live in where girls feel they NEED to dress clantily? I'm talking to YOU, grrlgamerx.
Self-chauvists will be self-chauvists.

Bull5hifT4578d ago

Where is this Pervy Site you Speak of?

outwar60104578d ago

facebook should be able to detect stuff like this so i doesnt happen. maybe put a special marker on the photo so they can detect reposts and notify the user of people downloading their pics(notice how you cant right click pics anymore and you have to hit download so its not that hard to notify the user of the download and person)

StbI9904577d ago

There are a couple of way to do that without even htting download or saving through right click mate...

Screen cap¿? link catch? or even better, inspect element?

DiffusionE4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

Nobody's saying people have the right to do such things. But hey, the reality is that the world is full of people doing illegal stuff and getting away with it. It's not right, but it's there and it's probably not gonna go away anytime soon. The best thing is to not give them any form of ammunition. It's not fair, but that's the way it is.....for the time being.

WitWolfy4577d ago

Depends on how hot the girl is I guess , otherwise it will just end up on yet another "Demotivational"

Legion4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

Per the rules of Facebook if you post your picture for everyone to see then you are allowing blanch rights for the image to be taken. As long as the image is not being used illegally then you have no say after you have posted the image to the interent.

In same fact... if you are to post an innocent image of your child in the bath then it gets taken and put on a porn site then YOU are at fault also for posting the image regardless of what YOUR posting was meant.

Take responsabilty for what you post for as soon as it gets to the internet then it becomes public property. (unless you copyright the photo... even then it may be used in some situations if satirical in nature) basically you loose.

If you stand out in your yard in your bikini and let your boyfriend gaze at you then don't be mad when the neighbor boys take a picture of you and show their friends. If you hand your picture to your friends to have... and they go and show them to their friends then be mad at yourself for being ignorant.

P.s. lets see those pictures in the bikini and I will tell you if they are worthy of perving.

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