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HP unveils a "technological revolution"... the Wi-Fi mouse

HP has unveiled what it calls a "technological revolution" - a Wi-Fi mouse.

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Speed-Racer3622d ago

I guess that is revolution...for them. I've been controlling my desktop mouse and keyboard via wifi with my ipod for ages. nothing new there.

toaster3621d ago

Same, I use Hippo Remote. I guess it's more of an evolution than a "revolution" because all HP is doing is adding that wireless functionality to an ergonomic form factor.

Speed-Racer3621d ago

Yea that's the prog I use as well.

Gondee3621d ago

Its nice that we can do away with the little mouse stubs. it we could use the Wifi cards LAN ability then maybe this could be really usfull

toaster3621d ago

What I would really like is more unifying receivers. I don't mind the USB receiver as it tends to work more often than not. Logitech needs to get on the ball with products that use a single USB receiver for multiple peripheral signals like kb mouse and remote. I have a Harmony remote and a wireless keyboard but I still would like it to be on a single USB receiver.

tplarkin73621d ago

Give me a wireless mouse that doesn't require batteries, then I'll consider it revolutionary.

AuToFiRE3621d ago

my mouse is rechargeable

tplarkin73621d ago

Not good enough. Wired mouses need zero maintenance. I want a wireless mouse to behave exactly like a wired one (without the wire of course).

Takoulya3621d ago

I'm sure that'll be viable in the near future. I remember reading a magazine article talking about frequency-matching electricity transferring that could be used to power everything wirelessly from one source. I can't wait for that technology to come, honestly.

AuToFiRE3615d ago

but my mouse does act like a normal mouse, and i can even disable the ratchet on the scroll wheel if i wanted to, and to charge, i simply plug in a wire and still use it while it charges