Have you lost faith in Sony since the PSN data breach?

Which? Conversation: Sony’s PlayStation Network is finally booting back up after almost a month offline, due to the gaming service being breached by hackers. But has the whole debacle made you lose faith in Sony?

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Speed-Racer3689d ago

I would say no, because pretty much any server can be hacked with the right amount of time. Xbox is no safer, Google is no safer, etc.

Cat3689d ago

Yeah, my way of thinking. If hackers wanna hack it, it's only a matter of time. I get annoyed when I hear stories of interns walking around with flash drives full of personal data that they leave in their cars, not so much over hacking.

techie3689d ago

But they did admit that they hadn't taken security as seriously as they had done. I don't think the outage is any problem, it's that it could have been much worse if credit card data had really been taken.

Sahil3689d ago

no.. lots of free stuff just made me a hardcore SONY fan, am rubbing it in the face of my xbox360 friends anyways i think the hacking was just a start.. i can see a lot of big companies getting hacked in the future. so, no biggie!