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Corsair Force Series 3 SSD Release Information

Corsair's Force Series 3 Solid State Drives have been getting quite a bit of attention. These drives sport the Sandforce SF 2281 Controller and promise speeds up to 550MB/S Read and Write Speeds of 520MB/S. These drives will be out later this month, and look to potentially de-throne the infamous Vertex 3 drives.

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toaster3617d ago

These are very well priced. Not mentioned in this piece though.. but the 60GB is $140. Perfect for a boot drive.

Naota3616d ago

I agree with you. With these prices and performance, this will push Vertex 3 Drives down in price as well. If this drive runs as well as it claims, then it will take the crown from OCZ.

_Q_3616d ago

Definitely agree that it would be great for a boot drive.

Naota3616d ago

I am using the Vertex 3 right now. I boot up in about 10 seconds. I wonder what this drive could do!