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Netflix: ISPs Kill Web Freedom, Suck All Profits

Gigaom: "Netflix isn’t going to take the bashing of its video streaming service lying down anymore. The online video rental company met with the FCC Tuesday and released a letter it filed Wednesday that shows how it really feels about broadband caps, ISPs’ arguments about the overwhelming traffic video will cause and the profits such caps can capture for ISPs. The fight is a crucial one as ISPs start implementing broadband caps and try to halt Netflix in other ways, such as the argument over peering with Level 3 Communications."

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Gondee3620d ago

Kick some ass Netflix!!! PLEASE!

Megaton3620d ago

I've been waiting to see which companies would rally against these caps. It would be in the best interest of many streaming/cloud-based companies to be vocally against it.

frelyler3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

With technology getting better and faster one would assume the cost of operation would go down. Look at computers for instance, now they are much cheaper and more powerful because of the advances we have made. For a company to say it needs to charge more is ridiculous, it is getting easier and cheaper to send large amounts of data. It's just the providers who set up the servers and networks that feel they should be able to rape the consumer just because they hold the magical key. It is BS and it needs to stopped. The FCC should put a stop to the price gouging and caps. It's a way for the providers to save more money and maximize profits, you know by completely screwing the consumer over. These companies should learn from what happened to Sony. I hate what happened, but there are certain people out there who would fight against these companies and their bastardization of the internet.