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Slash Gear - iMac Core i5 3.10GHz review (mid 2011)

Slash Gear: "It’s been less than a year since Apple’s last iMac refresh, but thanks to Intel’s 2011 Sandy Bridge update the aluminum all-in-ones had been looking a little last-gen. That all changed this past week, with a quad-core refresh across the board and a new set of AMD Radeon graphics chips to match. Still, no aesthetic change – bar the addition of a Thunderbolt port on the back – and no Blu-ray or touchscreen. Has the iMac kept pace with the rest of the market?"

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dkgshiz3625d ago

This is what sucks about Apple products. You buy the latest and greatest and its out dated in less then a year.

snoop_dizzle3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

In the all-in-one market the iMacs are actually pretty competitively priced with their PC counterparts. Not to mention the screen you get with this (as in not the crappy TFT screen you'll buy at Best Buy or Newegg ;) ) The issue you mention is more to do about it being an all-in-one computer.

However, when it comes to the Mac Pro, that's really my issue. No mid range tower. Of course that is for pro use, not gamers or even I (though that might be changing soon if I start using FCP X and do more production). Other than that I find the MBP to be one of the best laptops out there (15" and up) alongside some solid windows machines as well (mainly Lenovo and Asus).