Laptops for all – not with this $25 device

Which? Convo: Low-cost computing for the developing world is fast becoming a holy grail, but I don’t think we’ve discovered the answer yet. The latest device to join this race is a $25 PC, but can it succeed where others have failed?

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Speed-Racer3626d ago

There is such an initiative where I live, but the laptops are a bit more advanced, but if the specs are still below today's standards, it will fail miserably. Also tech support has to be a big issue.

techie3626d ago

I think this is admirable and i don't think missing screens is a problem - there are so many cheap monitors lying around that it really isn't a problem.

frelyler3626d ago

If it runs lynux. M$ will play dirty and ty to sink it. Like they already did with a similar device. Bastards.

mcstorm3626d ago

If they can get MS to back this device with Windows 8 then they could be on for a winner but if MS do not back it its not worth trying. Linux is not as simple to use as a windows pc and this is what people know how to use.

sjaakiejj3625d ago

I actually have to disagree with that. Linux is no harder to use than windows for somebody who is new to either of them. If you've got no experience with Computers, any operating system will be as easy/difficult to you as the other.

The only reason people think Linux is hard to use is because they're used to Windows, and try to use Linux as if it was Windows.

fatstarr3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I cant wait for this to come out i can see some modifications coming out. 700mhz for 25$ isnt that bad maybe someone will find away to link them together and do some awesome stuff.