New Xbox reveal at E3 unlikely - source

Eurogamer: "Eurogamer understands that an E3 2011 reveal for Microsoft's next Xbox is highly unlikely. Our respected source poured water on Develop's report that some kind of announcement will happen next month at E3."

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Sahil3630d ago

I don't think it's possible this year, maybe next year, I'm curios to see the graphics and stuff with 720, how can they improve 360 on that level.

Syko3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Just for the record, I hate people calling it the "720" I know why they do it...I however can guarantee you that it is as likely to be called that as it is Sony will skip ahead and call their console Playstation 7. No way Microsoft calls it the 720, if they do I will not buy one simply out of principle. Seriously.

Sahil3630d ago

Yeah, true. what about 180? LOL

Syko3630d ago

Who knows could even be something stupid like NextBox...All I know is it was a bit of *perhaps* diabolical genius to call it the 360 so that Xbox 2 didn't sound inferior to the Playstation 3. But that was the only reason for naming it the 360...That and being a 360 departure from the reliable hardware of the Original Xbox lol.

At any rate, The name of the thing might be the most interesting thing to me at this point. Consoles have bored me to death this generation lately. I have had a 360 since Nov. 25th, 2005 (7 Of them at this point with warranty fixes) and have also had a PS3 for quite a while too. Nothing on them seems to offer any relief to the same old HD graphics and shallow gameplay formula.

I am now moving on to PC gaming, as at least it can offer mods or anything different than the lackluster titles that are coming to the consoles.

I for one might be done as a whole with console gaming. The innovation is the same as when I was a kid playing Atari and the lack of any good games caused things like E.T. to come into existence. Compared to the games that were being released for the PS2 5 years after it was out these games are pathetic IMO.

Oh well I am rambling now. =)

*On Topic* An idea of specs they are shooting for or something of that nature would make for an interesting presentation and also give people something to talk about until Sony drops their preliminary stats or tech demos for The Four. Could be interesting if it was to happen even with it being highly unlikely.