CNET sued over LimeWire, blamed for "Internet Piracy Phenomenon"

Ars Technica: "Alki David, the wealthy film producer and entrepreneur behind sites like FilmOn, announced last year in a YouTube video that he intended to sue CNET and its owner, CBS, for providing hundreds of millions of downloads of LimeWire P2P software over the last decade. Today, he made good on his threat, rounding up some rap and R&B musicians to join his case.

The plaintiffs argue that CNET had "direct participation in massive copyright infringement on peer-to-peer systems, such as LimeWire, that are used to copy and distribute songs, films and other artistic works," and that CNET's was the "main distributor" of the software."

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_Q_3630d ago

I can't say i disagree. In this case CNET armed a lot of people. I got limewire from them long share legal file...of course...

fatstarr3628d ago

Lol this cant even hold up. because limewire could be used to obtain legal stuff too its not cnets fault that it came out the way it did.