Canadians sue Sony by filing class action

Toronto lawyers have filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Sony, after the well known data breach that caused personal and financial data to be stolen from the Playstation Network servers. The class action is seeking more than $1 canadian billion dollars on behalf Canadian PlayStation customers whose data may have been stolen by hackers.

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fatstarr3698d ago

Oh how id love to join in on a class action lawsuit. Money Money Money.

"If you can't trust a huge multi-national corporation like Sony to protect your private information, who can you trust? It appears to me that Sony focuses more on protecting its games than its PlayStation users,"

Lmfao why would you trust a huge multi national corporation anyway hahah her quote made my day.

awiseman3698d ago

go on n4g and say that I dare you, you will get banned within the week

fatstarr3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

why would I get banned within the week? why would this story get approved then if everyone who commented it would get banned?

Anarki3698d ago

It can happen to any company. Sony just provoked hackers, is all.

AuToFiRE3698d ago

Lol us quiet and shy Canadians have finally had enough xD

_Q_3698d ago

Pretend here all you want. We real N4G'rs know your true colors...

AuToFiRE3698d ago

were different online :P

_Q_3698d ago

Top internet toolbags sums it up nicely. Cheers mate see you when PSN is back up.

Sahil3695d ago

everyone is trying to get a piece of cake, not gonna happen :)