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5 worst digital security breaches of all time

With news of the PlayStation Network being hacked and the unceremonious accompaniment of millions of names, addresses, dates of birth, passwords, and possibly credit card details having potentially been stolen, the tech community's attention has yet again been focused on the tricky and vitally important topic of internet security

While the PlayStation Network breach is one of the biggest in recent months, let's take a look at some others and see what they can teach us about protecting our online privacy and security.

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BLow3633d ago

Wow, no comments. Could have sworn Sony was the first company to get hacked. Oh well, i guess this article(filled with facts)isn't important enough to be on the top with the rest of the doom and gloom articles. Maybe if Sony was put in the title..haha...I'm out...

Megaton3632d ago

That mess with Gawker inspired me to create unique passwords for damn near all of my internet logins. I wasn't a member at any Gawker sites, but it still served as a wake up call. I've also been trying to find and terminate all of my old logins to sites I no longer visit. If I can't terminate them, I at least link them to one of my spam email accounts and change the pass to something random and garbled.