Digital Foundry vs. iPad 2

While most reviews of Apple's iPad 2 dismiss the revised hardware as an accomplished, if underwhelming successor to the original, a technical breakdown of the new A5 processor reveals something quite different - an unprecedented leap in mobile games-playing power that could conceivably herald the arrival of a new home games console.

This is a hardware design that is about so much more than just a revised form factor and a bunch of cameras. With iPad 2, Apple is laying the groundwork for the future of its gaming business.

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kevnb3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Tegra 2 does a damn fine job as well, they've show epic citadel running at atleast 30fps output to a tv via hdmi.

awiseman3637d ago

The Iphone has just grown bigger: Ladies and Genitalmen: The Gaypad 2

kevnb3637d ago

Also, I gotta say I don't trust anything written about apple... I gotta see it myself. They are such a shady company.