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Apple Vs. Samsung Approach

The rumors say that the graphics performance of the A5 processor is ranked up to 9 times faster than the previous version. The iPhone 5 is expected to be fitted with the A5 processor, which could mean a further opening towards the gaming area of the product market.

After all, the rumors about the upcoming Samsung processor that has been rumored to be a 2GHz dual core processor that Samsung claims that easily could have been a 4GHz single core, but the power consumption imposed so far this solution.

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sjaakiejj3642d ago

Clockspeed says very little about the performance of a processor. In fact, the 2GHz Dual Core would probably perform substantially better than the 4GHz single core.

Brawler3638d ago

You would think that but must phone OS dont have multi core support so the second core usually just sits around and does nothing. IE look at the motorla Atrix nice phone dual core 1ghz but its nothing special since android at this point doesnt do much with the second core

wicked13638d ago

Apple probably would use that to parse some more private info on its users... the joke laid aside, i guess that it's about the progress itself rather than the applicability of this technology, since the app developers are actually the ones that should use that.