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Watch out for Twitter ‘Unfollowed Me’ Scam

The scams are back again on Twitter, this time trying to take advantage of those who pride themselves based on their follower count. The ‘Unfollow Me’ worm scams users just like the apps on Facebook.

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Speed-Racer3643d ago

Has this happened to anyone here or are you all too smart to get caught?

Syko3643d ago

That's a negative. Not enough followers to be concerned if I lose any. xD

Speed-Racer3643d ago

XD I only have 30 something followers and the number falls each day

fatstarr3642d ago

Id expect 80% of the members here to be too smart to get caught. I mean clicking on links is so 2002.

RonyDean3643d ago

Call me lucky I have not seen this so far. I only follow 150 people so that is probably why.