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Icrontic Review: OCZ RevoDrive X2

Put simply, the RevoDrive X2 is a no-compromise solution from OCZ that provides incredibly quick transfers, boot times, and copy speeds. But that speed has a price tag to match.

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primesuspect3680d ago

If only I could afford one...

Syko3679d ago

Have been thinking I was going to put a 50GB OCZ RevoDrive in my new PC build, but the price is for sure going to make it a later edition even at $199. Hopefully by the time I am ready to add a SSD they will be down in price even a bit. The OCZ RevoDrive x2 is out of my budget entirely as of right now though.

This is the only type of internal SSD drive I will be able to pack into my HTPC style build though since I will be using up all the HDD bays already so I need a PCI Express option.