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Latest 'PCs Are Doomed' Forecast Includes Worst Line Graph Ever

TechLand: I thought I could write a serious blog post about Asymco's first quarter PC forecast, but no.
The conclusion is similar to every other sky-falling-on-Windows story you might have read: PCs are in trouble, Macs are doing fine, and the iPad is causing laptop vendors the world over to wake up in a cold sweat. Asymco's version is a bit different because it tries to separate unit sales by operating system, not just by vendor. Therefore, the iPad has huge growth while Mac stagnates and Windows falls.

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Aussiegamer3647d ago

Your article is filled with so much fail its hard to even read.

Your graph is so stupid, it represents % growth 200% of f$ck all is still f$ck all. Maybe you should have shown growth in actual sales comparisons, and have a graph showing the figures of what m$ sells compared to apple computers and then compare the differences that are happening.

Just a suggestion "tech land". lol

toaster3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Not sure if you actually read it or not, but they are doing a follow up on another article.

Aussiegamer3646d ago

Yeah I defiantly read the article, I wouldn't comment on it else.

I also went as far as reading peoples comments to see if I wasn't the only one that thought the same thing and surprise surprise I wasn't.