Senseless Parents blame Apple for in-app buying policy [Weekend Take On]

BT: "This weekend’s article focuses on how parents can sometimes blame the wrong people for their own shoddy child raising techniques. In a world where kids are in control of more technology, parents should always step in to keep a close eye on their activities."

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RonyDean3652d ago

I need to come up with a dumb reason so I can sue Apple, could use some extra money right now!

Speed-Racer3652d ago

Sue them for releasing so many minor versions of their products

AuToFiRE3651d ago

I find parents idiotic when they put their own credit card into it, youd think the simple fact of it being on a highly stolen device that you would not save the credit card number

smartmart3651d ago

We also found the hard way the existence of in-app buy function last year after getting two iPads and letting kids play with them. 50$ charged on a credit card makes you learn very fast the settings of any device! We laughed it out though, because it was our fault not the kid's or Apple's fault. Parents suing for that are not responsible at all and should question their parenting skills...

_Q_3651d ago

Moral of the story: People need to quit using devices like these as babysitters. Its obvious that consenting adults SHOULD CONSULT THE INCLUDED MANUALS BEFORE JUST HANDING POWER DEVICES TO CHILDREN THAT CAN USE THEM BETTER THAN YOU. I'm not a parent but how does actually parenting seem so difficult for so many?

Speed-Racer3651d ago

I love this answer. I think with parents being so busy with different jobs and what not, they have gone away from the traditional methods of child raring and have put so much dependency on electronic devices. Now that it has some overlooked flaw, they are quick to put blame on the device.

_Q_3651d ago

Really in every article i've read that this has come up(TV,Video games,Movies,Music,internet, boogieman You name it),there is ALWAYS a lapse of parenting but because of the tone somehow every drone missing common sense actively over looks the fact that ultimately they(the moron blaming formers listed) failed at being a parent. These people should be ashamed for whats going on not empowered to sue people. Man do you ever feel like you're the only one thinking for yourself? Man I can never get away with such crap.. Sorry for the rant this is one of my favorite internet topics.

xVeZx3651d ago

forget about the lawsuit and stupid parents for a like that should be banned from the app store anyway...theres this game called alexpanda where you have to pay a dollar or 2 to buy the game and they only give you one level and then you have to pay another dollar to unlock the rest of the levels or maybe it was a dollar each new does that make any sense? does apple screen these apps before putting them on their store....

Speed-Racer3651d ago

Most of the times a robot does it...which explains why a Gare Cure app got by the filter and only got removed later on

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