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RIM’s Blackberry Playbook Is An Absolute Disaster, What Were They Thinking?

Derangedshaman: "I can only imagine what the engineers, CEOs, executives, managers, and designers at RIM where thinking when they created the Blackberry Playbook. The tablet device is “dead in the water,” up the river without a paddle, kaput, DOA, swimming with the…….you get the point".

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jack who3647d ago

all that and you didnt even say what was wrong with it?

Aussiegamer3647d ago

Its like a big rant really.

_Q_3646d ago

No one really does. So far all i've read is "It's no the iPad, this is a POS" Never any real meat to what people dont like. From demos(controlled I know) It looked good to me. It was front runner for a tablet purchase if any ever was. I'm waiting until its in my hands.

TheKindRoost3646d ago

Tip: is known for its extreme bias towards MS on n4g.

mcstorm3646d ago

I do think Blackberry have shot them selfs in the foot with this tablet though. I am not a fan of the blackberry devices but I do like the look of this one but not having a 3G version of the tablet to me any way makes it pointless to have one. But out of all the tables I have seen on the market so far the OS looks very nice and very stable but for me anyway there is to much it will not do with out the owner also having a blackberry so to me only apply to a small number of the market where the Ipad and Android pads dont need you to own one of there devices to access the net with out wifi and sync contacts ect.

If Blackberry quickly have a rethink on these little things for the next version on there pad I would be picking one up but until then ill stick to me Galaxy tablet.

_Q_3646d ago

They dont have a 3g version because there is a 4g version planned. I never read this anywhere either. I think there is something fishy going on here.

mcstorm3646d ago

Cool thnks for the update. I live in the uk and we dont have 4G here yet but ill keep my eye open for it.

_Q_3646d ago

Oh That makes more sense. Yeah Sprint here in the states has it slated.